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World-wide economy is expanding. It is threatening competitiveness of Japanese manufacturing systems.
Japan has built a No.1 position in manufacturing technology supported by diligent nationality and excellent skilled workers. The position, however, is put in danger by developing countries like Korea, China and India where the manufacturing technology begins to be transferred to.

Strategic usage of Information technology becomes inevitable in addition to conventional skill of experienced workers to overcome the situations.
Furthermore product and process innovation including innovative product development as well as traditional production technology improvement must be promoted to build the IT strategy.
They say innovation in 21st century is not “closed innovation” that collects internal knowledge in one company, but “open innovation” that utilizes external intelligent resources.

T-vation, adopting the “open innovation”, wants to contribute to strengthen the competitiveness of the manufacturing systems. By knowledge networking, packaging and reusability, it is our ideal goal to make up the environment easily for companies to use external knowledge.
It is very high goal. However, we are making effort to realize the dream.

T-vation Co., Ltd.  CEO  Takao Bamba

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